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Boost your business by shooting straight. We provide you with the best solution to faulty databases. Use our system to filter and clear out all the useless data!

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About us

Data list Validate is an enterprise Lisbon based which seeks to provide other companies the growth they deserve in a quick and effective manner. Masters in transforming our clients’ ideas into solid and confident brands. Currently we offer re­designing, programming and development services.

Data List validator is one of our many services, it is a cleaning system that clears out any faulty and valueless data from your data list. (for example: a non­active mail account)

Our company is still growing, and our client base is emerging with us.

Our service advantages

Our phone number validation service allows you to easily verify if any, national or international, phone numbers are truly genuine. It can also detect the exact line type, landline vs. mobile, to warrant full compliance with the FCC Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

Step 1

To ensure a good data validation, we need to know a few small details about the list, such as what country the list is from, so we can authenticate the phone number accordingly.

Step 2

After uploading your list, the number validation will start immediately. The estimated time of the process will depend on the file size.

Step 3

Ready to go, just download and enjoy your validated file!

Testimonials of sucess

We are a market researching and consulting firm that studies breakthrough technologies in life sciences. Venture capital firms play an important role in commercializing new technologies and frequently turn to us to help them in their evaluation of investment opportunities. When it came to refresh our marketing list we evaluated numerous sources, but in the end we decide on Data List Validator over the others, due to its breadth, currency, database functionality and export features. Data List Validator is an excellent product backed by dedicated customer support Team.

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“Every time my company buys a database, we always use this service, and that's why we have been getting bigger feedback from our clients”

Lexoperandi Founder

Our rent sale business in Spain has been profiting a lot from this service, so we do recommend the use of this service for enterprises which need all their data checked ASAP. Accurate results and excellent professionals are behind this effective service.